Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Flashback #2

Today instead of sharing my new elevator idea I want to show you a review of Jersey Shore I wrote back in college stylised on Charlie Brooker. It was English Language homework and it made me wonder I could write reviews of TV shows as it would combine my 2 favourite activities: watching TV and writing. Not necessary in this order.

4mln people watched 1st season and more than 8,5mln spectators when 2nd season was emitted. New MTV’s reality show is certainly one of the least worth watching programmes, but viewing ratings are impressing. That’s why Jersey Shore phenomenon is so astonishing. 
American reality show, very popular American reality show. I could say too popular. Why so many people are watching it? This program carry no educational premises, unless being unbridled is a part of education.
The main idea of the program was to show how 8 guidos (American Italians) spend their vacations in Seaside Heights. They work in the T-shirt shop and  spend every night in clubs (we can read that at MTVs website). ‘Nothing special’ I thought but switched on TV. After five minutes I was ready to throw out my flat screen. It’s ridiculous that people are buying product like this one. Media are promoting muscular, good looking guys who are lookin’ for one-night date and girls who’s best friend is solarium & their life motto is ‘you must look good or you’re nobody’.
In Jersey Shore we’ve got more brilliant, almost educational, life instructions like: ‘muscles + gel + solarium = sex’ , the real party boy must pick up all the prettiest girls only for having fun with them or  “It doesn’t matter if he has a girlfriend. If you want him, go and take him”.
Jersey Shore became a cultural phenomen. In regard of its controversial form, people want to watch it over and over again. Why? Because it’s so stupid and naive we actually have fun watching Snookie and her friends. We laugh at them, their stupidity, look and no-life opportunities. Fascinating is that MTV shows us that  it’s nothing bad being like these characters and we start accepting people like them. We start being like them. Whole society is growing stupid and for them there is no problem.
                Jersey Shore is showing us how easily we can become celebrities. We don’t need any qualifications for that. We must be wild, ready for everything and licentious. So show your ass and become one of “People” people or, just like me, switch off your TV and go for a walk.

Monday, 4 January 2016


that was a well deserved Christmas-Holiday-Lazy break.
I had time o think about life, how I want the next year of my life to look alike and I have developed few new ideas for short dramas and not only.

It's good to be back!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Elevator #3

In 3...

Kirsty is a 30 year old Londoner. She's working as a columnist at women's magazine. Hers co-workers consider her as the "it-girl". But they don't know about Kirsty's illness. She has a split personality problems. She's writing a diary about Jinx's adventures. Jinx is waking up at night and takes over Kirsty's life. Mistakes, fraud, drugs and lots of alcohol are Jinx's favourite activities. Will Kirsty get hers life back or will she surrender to her inner enemy and start new life?

*show could be pitched for E! entertainment targetting 18-49 who already watched and liked The Royals.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Elevator #2

Get set!

It's a TV series for kids. Emma is a very intelligent 9-year-old. Her biggest dream is to get a detective license. She's solving cases from lost pets to who stole my cupcake ones. But one day everything changes as her best friend is missing. Emma is using all her knowledge and will move any mountain to find Lucy. The humour, pugnacity and Emma's capacity of getting into troubles will gather whole family in front of the telly.


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Flashback #1

Few years ago, when I was in high school and unlike my classmates, I had no idea who I want to be, I was writing a lot. Stories, poems, stand-ups. Anything that could be creative and make me feel free or make a change in the world. Mostly in my world.

Anyway, my uncle was studying film production and I was writing a script for the school play.
Both inspired me to do creative writing and become a scriptwriter.

To become the best one and have a possibility of working with the greatest, I moved to England.
I knew being bilingual is my blessing and my curse. Language nuances, slangs, common talk. These were my weaknesses.  So I had to find another way of creating people to people and writing their stories.
I was watching The Newsroom all the time and I got it.
I'll be working on TV, I'll be making shows - I thought.
And here I am, doing a top-up to my Foundation Degree in TV Production; directed Halle Orchestra concert at Bridgewater Hall and operated camera for several of them; directed and edited drama 'Betrayal' ; Miss Stockport 2014, Broadstone Mill Fashion Show, factuals, live TV... It goes on and on  and it's just a beginning. I've got plenty of ideas in my head and there are several directions I could take.
So far, I'm on the right course to be great and to get more.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015


The question is easy and so is the answer.
I need a space where I can share my ideas for short or long TV series/shows or dramas.
This blog is my creative space where I will be talking about: me, my experience, sharing my thoughts and ideas.
I hope you're ready for it.
So please, fasten your seat belts, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Monday, 30 November 2015

Houston, I believe we don't have any problems

Okay.... So here we go.
My first post. My first idea.
Deep breath.
And out...

60 secs...

Short TV series up to 10 episodes 30 minutes long about Lea who wants to be a writer. She pretends to be a lesbian to get  a job at GQ magazine to get into the inside of the men's world to get materials for hers new book. She's doing well until she meets him, Max from graphics department. Forbidden love, the end of undercover job? You won't know until season 2 ;)

Till the next time,