Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Flashback #1

Few years ago, when I was in high school and unlike my classmates, I had no idea who I want to be, I was writing a lot. Stories, poems, stand-ups. Anything that could be creative and make me feel free or make a change in the world. Mostly in my world.

Anyway, my uncle was studying film production and I was writing a script for the school play.
Both inspired me to do creative writing and become a scriptwriter.

To become the best one and have a possibility of working with the greatest, I moved to England.
I knew being bilingual is my blessing and my curse. Language nuances, slangs, common talk. These were my weaknesses.  So I had to find another way of creating people to people and writing their stories.
I was watching The Newsroom all the time and I got it.
I'll be working on TV, I'll be making shows - I thought.
And here I am, doing a top-up to my Foundation Degree in TV Production; directed Halle Orchestra concert at Bridgewater Hall and operated camera for several of them; directed and edited drama 'Betrayal' ; Miss Stockport 2014, Broadstone Mill Fashion Show, factuals, live TV... It goes on and on  and it's just a beginning. I've got plenty of ideas in my head and there are several directions I could take.
So far, I'm on the right course to be great and to get more.


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